Membership benefits

Custom created tasting notes

As a Champagne Club Member you have access to a range of exclusive benefits.Your monthly delivery comes with custom-created tasting notes and a video tutorial featuring our champagne experts. Founder Kyla Kirkpatrick and the Club Manager will share their insights on the House and give a critical tasting on the monthly wines.

Exclusive Club events with the winemakers

You will also be invited to several ‘Club Member Only’ events each year, which are hosted across the country. This is a great opportunity to connect with your community of champagne lovers and visiting winemakers.

Discounts on Champagnes

And we know that often two bottles of champagne are never enough, so enjoy 8% off all your purchases on the Emperor Champagne website. There’s never an excuse to go thirsty now!



bottle of champagne delivered each month


crystal flutes with first membership

tickets to exclusive club events included


ticket to exclusive Champagne Club events

tasting notes and monthly video included


discount on Emperor Champagne purchases and events

Free Shipping

Monthly Club Boxes Only

access to a private Facebook page to share champagne related material

Join for $249per month