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We understand that you’d like to cancel your membership with the Champagne Club. Today, let’s ensure the hardest choice you make is whether to drink from a glass or the bottle. To help you remain part of our bubbly community with its exclusive member benefits, we’re excited to offer you a one-time discount of 20% on your subscription*.

Membership with the Champagne Club includes dazzling opportunities such as meeting with renowned winemakers, attending impressive dining events, and sharing your passion with fellow champagne-lovers from around Australia.

A 20% discount on the world’s best champagnes? We’ll drink to that.

Click on “Claim 20% Off” below to receive 20% off your membership fee.

Alternatively, if you would still like to cancel your membership, On behalf of the whole team at Emperor Champagne, we hope you have enjoyed your time as a valued member of Australia’s favourite (and only!) Champagne Club.

*20% discount applies for two months only, price will revert back after this. Discount can only be redeemed once per member.

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